If The New Trailer For TEKKEN 2: KAZUYA'S REVENGE Satisfies You, Good Luck With That

Last year I ranted about the first ever live-action rendition of the hit fighting game, Tekken directed by Rapid Fire helmer Dwight Little. The film did an adequate job as serving a nice little tournament action film but it was far from satisfying for the purists who hated the film, even so far as basing their disproval of the film on the very first U.K. trailer back in 2010 (and you crazy asshole YouTubers know what I mean). But moreover, it nearly undercut almost any hope of a potential, proper live-action rendition in the same notable fashion that Street Fighter got this year by way of Assasin's Fist (I can only hope I'm wrong in that regard).

Now, halfway through 2014 with a film made in just three weeks or so and bipolar title treatment of the film anywhere between Tekken: Rise Of The Tournament and Tekken: A Man Called X, to its incognito working title, Agent X, the film is finally being billed with a title, and it just so happens it is being titled, Tekken 2: Kazuya's Revenge. And obviously, looking at the trailer right now, if I'm to be almost perfectly honest, it is far from anything than how any (ANY) Tekken movie would look. And I dare you to challenge the fans on what they think.

Sure, I'm being pre-emptive about it since I haven't seen the film, but my gut tells me that there's more to the story than what we've been allowed to learn. I look at this trailer and I see clips from the 2010 film (and then some) spliced with shots of Bald Heihachi by way of actor Cary Tagawa, and scenes from what would have made for an ample Kane Kosugi action thriller with some potentially great fight choreography by Brahim Achabbakhe (Marksmen, Ninja 2) were it not for the fact that a Tekken sequel was attached to it for whatever reason.

But...nevermind me. For all intents and purposes, the people mostly behind this film are calling it a Tekken sequel, and it reads a little something like this:
Waking up in an apartment by himself, K has no memory of who he is or how he got there. Everyone who might know the truth seems intent on killing him. K is on his own and on the run… Until he is kidnapped by a ruthless shadowy criminal organization run by a deranged crime boss who calls himself “The Minister” The minster enslaves assassins and sells their services on the black market. K’s skills are hone in a bloody gladiator-type arena where prisoners are forced into brutal death matches against one another. An extraordinary fighter, K quickly excels and earns his spot among the Minister’s elite killers-for-hire. Under the watchful eye of his handler, a beautiful and lethal woman named Anna, K leads his life under the ironclad rule of the Minister while continuing to seek out the truth of his identity. K’s worlds collide when he refuses to assassinate a mysterious stranger who might have strong ties to his past. With Anna’s help, K tracks down the clues leading him back to the place where he first lost his memories. Here K will finally confront his past, face the ultimate betrayal and learn the truth about who - and what - he really is.
By the way, in my humble opinion, that poster doesn't help much (and I'm being polite here).

The film comes out August 21 and the trailer is below. Consider yourself warned.


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