Cinematic Fight Studio Presents: MOST WANTED

It took all but three months of training in hand-to-hand and weapons for independent filmmakers and stunt trainers at Cinematic Fight Studio to help assemble their latest project with student, up-and-coming actress Kadia Saraf. The end result is what you now see in their new experimental action shortfilm, Most Wanted, which showcases Saraf as she takes on a bounty hunter hot on her tail, played by actor, martial artist and fellow trainer and choreographer, Neyssan Falahi.

The project marks Saraf's first-ever stint in screenfighting, something she's wanted to do for a while now, and couldn't have come at better time than several months ago, thanks in part to her already-established friendship with Falahi. From there, that was when the hard work began, and as independent filmmaker and choreographer Lang Yip explains, despite Saraf's own self-defense training and workout lifestyle, turning into a performer for the camera had its share of challenges, and eventually, she overcame them.

"After our meeting she signed up for classes, and at first she thought it wouldn't be too difficult because of her martial arts background." he said. "But she eventually realized how hard a transition it is from learning how to really hurt someone, to learning how to act it out on camera.".

Yip then added "She's a fast learner and quickly absorbed what we taught her and adapted to it and it started to make sense for her. Her willingness and dedication made her who she is. My team and I made sure she understood the importance of her reactions and movements, energy, timing and pacing throughout the fight scene.".

As always, you can find out more about Cinematic Fight Studio by visiting their official website, and subscribing to their YouTube channel in the embed below!


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