Choose Your Fate! Watch One Or Both Versions Of The New Violent Action-Packed Short, HARD BOILED COP

It was earlier this month that an official trailer was added to the growing push for independent filmmaker, VFX whiz and Flatcoin Productions founder Ulrik Bruchholz's newest comprehensive action project, Hard Boiled Cop. Assembled in the course of nearly two-and-a-half years, the project ended up evolving from beyond that period with a few other concepts up to then, and this week, Bruchholz is rolling out the new project in a pretty cool, experimental way.

On its face, Hard Boiled Cop invites you into a cold, dystopian future with a city in ruins, where crime runs rampant against the order of a militarized police force. At the center of it all is actor, German martial arts fave Mathis Landwehr leading the way from start to finish with the second half of the story completely loaded with full-on action, including car stunts, wired stunts and ballistic violent chaos, all rounding off Bruchholz's inspired homage to classic 80's sci-fi and action TV shows. And this is just the short version.

The other version runs about thirteen minutes longer and expands the short with a reality-bending, more contemplative tale of a writer who uses his surroundings to conceptualize his vision for an epic action adventure from pencil to paper. Bruchholz himself plays that writer with an appearance by Landwehr and actress Bea-Marie Rück, in addition to incredible CG visuals and action sequences showcasing solid stuntwork from its Germany's stunt talent led by Landwehr and Cologne-based actor, stuntman and coordinator Ramazan Bulut.

Both versions are up and running, but Bruchholz is hosting them in conjunction with a new video aimed at allowing you to choose between the two. Watch it below and make your selection, and if you are on mobile, you can click HERE or HERE for either version.


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