Check Out The New Teaser For THE FOUR 3D!

Banking on his promise to deliver a full trilogy as of a few years ago, director Gordon Chan has returned to the fray with the latest teaser for The Four 3D, featuring the return of our cast including Deng Chao, Crystal Liu, Anthony Wong and many more. The film marks the final installation of the franchise based on a series of novels by Malaysian author Wen Ruian about four unique detectives who use their skills to solve unsolvable crimes and apprehend powerful criminals, incidentally swept into what the film deems as their final battle with an ultimate evil force.

The reputation of the Four constables survives, but since Emotionless's (Crystal Liu Yifei) departure, there have been changes at the Divine Constabulary. The four Coldblood (Deng Chao), Iron Hands (Collin Chou), Life Snatcher (Ronald Cheng), rescue Zhuge Zhengwo (Anthony Wong) from An Yunshan's mountain fortress, then with the Emperor and Di armies, they attack.  
But An Yunshan absorbs their power, which means the constables and their allies now face their most lethal opponent yet, a nearly invincible kung fu master who won't stop until he has absolute power...
The Four 3 bows domestically on on August 22. Check out the new trailer below as well as a batch of stills from the new film courtesy of Enlight Pictues.


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