The New Teaser For BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES Slices And Dices Its Way Online

Theres not much revealed here, but in large part, the latest quick teaser here for director Lu Yang's new film, Brotherhood Of Blades, does serve up some colorful visuals with a fast mix of sword-wielding and arrow-shooting. The upcoming Ming Dynasty period actioner is written by Chen Shu and sets The Grandmaster co-star lead actor Chang Chen in a story of three sworn brothers caught in a web of conspiracy, murder and intrigue.

Chen is joined by Liu Shishi, Nie Yuan, Wang Qianyuan and Li Dongxue. The film is produced by fellow John Woo cohort Terence Chang (“Face/Off,” “Red Cliff,” “Mission: Impossible II”), and is set for a China release this August, with further dates and distribution news pending courtesy of IM Global.

Watch the new teaser and check out a slate of character banners below as well!


  1. this actually looks good.
    will wait for more trailers to make me decide


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