Shane Warren Jones Faces The Fight Of His Life In The Trailer For FIGHT TO THE FINISH

There's a specific niche calling for filmmakers to bring forward actors who know how to bring their acting talents to the forefront of an action lead role. Such is the case with actor and martial artist Shane Warren Jones, best known for his memorable performance as Cyrax in the final episode of Kevin Tancharoen's stellar season one finale of Mortal Kombat Legacy, back in 2011. Up-and-coming as an actor with minor TV and film roles within the past decade, Jones shows he is clearly ready to tackle the demands of a lead actor with his latest performance in writer and director Warren Sheppard's upcoming mixed martial arts drama, Fight To The Finish, with actress Tamara Fernandez, actor Caleb Smith and WCW and WWE wrestling vet Sal Guerrero.

The film is still in post-production with a release date currently in the works. In the meantime, the most recent trailer went online as of late last year and you can check out below as more trailers, offcial poster art and further announcents are still to come.  

Sean McGill, a morally-founded young fighter living with his parents and younger brother is finally ready to move out and live on his own. Soon enough, he finds his moral standing tested when he steps in and saves his neighbor, Melissa, after she is attacked by her incorrigible boyfriend, Gage, a fellow fighter. 
The incident leads to an increasingly intense rivalry as Sean's relationship grows closer with Melissa, while Gage seeks no other resolve other than to take his hatred for Sean out on him in the ring. Much to the chagrin of his protective parents, it is only a matter of time before Sean is forced weigh his internal conflict as a martial artist in the face of an unrelenting opponent and settle the score once and for all.


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