PREDATOR Is Getting Rebooted

The Predator franchise is still a thing among fans worldwide since the eponymous alien tribal warrior and hunter launched its war on mankind and other living creatures between John McTiernan's 1987 jungle thriller with lead actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the 2010 epic from director Nimród Antal, Predators. The film also landed two other spin-off movies before Antal's film which crossed between its own franchise and the Aliens universe, but Predators was the last known project that was confirmed for a sequel upon its release that same month in July.

Since then, not much has happened for a fourth film to follow Antal's entry, especially with the third film's producer, Robert Rodriguez busier nowadays with his new operations in Texas for El Rey Network and other obligations. This week however, the word now is that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black is coming aboard Twentieth Century Fox's new push to help reboot the franchise altogether.

Black, who also had a cameo in the first film, is most prolifically known for his writing work for the 1987 buddy cop action blockbuster franchise launch, Lethal Weapon, and his work on the horror comedy, Monster Squad that same year with co-writer Fred Dekker. Dekker will be enhancing Black's treatment with a new script which Jon Davis, who helped produce McTiernan's 1987 film, will also produce.

Black has two other films he's working on now, but the issue may still remain for some pertaining to just why Fox wants to reboot the film. It could still move ahead with a Predators 2 movie if the studio chose to, with actor Adrien Brody and actress Alice Braga potentially returning. At any rate now, with a reboot set in stone and no specifics out just yet, there's plenty of time to speculate. So, the speculating begin!



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