Mayu Kawamoto Is A One-Eyed Zombie-Killing Badass In The New Trailer For Z: THE MOVIE

Proving once again that its never too late or too early in the year for a zombie flick, acclaimed J-horror filmmaker Norio Tsuruta is ready to share his newest contribution to the genre with the new live-action zombie action adventure, Z: The Movie.

Written and directed by Tsuruta, the new film is based on Koji Aihara's George A. Romero-inspired 2012 manga publication, centering on three characters caught in the middle of a zombie epidemic. And, what better way to tell such a story than getting a genuine martial artist and actress to observe the action? Yes, in case you're wondering, that's U.S.-born Kyokushin black belt and High Kick Angels co-star, actress Mayu Kawamoto leading the way as the eye-patch wearing, naginata polearm-wielding zombie slayer, Rinko Toda, who is one of only a handful of survivors forced to take refuge in a hospital as the apocalypse ensues.

Kawamoto is joined by actresses Noriko Kijima and Miharu Tanaka. The film will reportedly be part of a six-volume DVD set of other zombie-relared short stories following its domestic release on July 26. Check out the first teaser trailer below and stick around for more info!


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