Katniss Responds To President Snow For The New Fan Short, MOCKINGJAY: BURN

Fans and followers of "The Hunger Games" books by author Suzanne Collins, as well as Lionsgate's two-part finale theatrically releasing between this November and next year have likely caught on to the first official teaser for Mockingjay: Part 1. If you missed it, you can check it out here and watch President Snow setting the grim tone in his newest PSA to the people of Panem, and it is exactly the kind of build up that gets fans intrigued to find out just what our lead heroine, actress Katniss Everdeen will say or do in response.

Well, while Lionsgate's own efforts to illustrate that will soon fall into place, the fans over on the set of their new independent, non-profit fan film project, Mockingjay: Burn have a message from the Girl On Fire herself:

Mockingjay: Burn is still in production with an expected duration of ten minutes. Independent director favorite Leo Kei Angelos is helming the project with actress Kristen Brancaccio leading the cast. You can currently check out a handful of recent set pics with the cast and crew, including The Bailey Review contributor, actor Darren Bailey in costume by heading over to the official Kickstarter project blog!


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