Jason Momoa Could Be Playing AQUAMAN In BATMAN V. SUPERMAN...Just Sayin.

There are a lot of rumors that continue to swarm the internet, especially when it comes to movies. A lot of it is fan-induced static that turns out to be hype cheese, but the rest of it still leaves a lot to the imagination, and that includes previous mentions of actor Jason Momoa for a role in director Zack Snyder's new film, Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

For the most part, the Game Of Thrones and Conan actor has been quite vocal about denying the issue to the point of expressing his irritation, even as Warner Bros. has yet to release an official statement. However, it seems that one reason or another, HitFix is able to confirm the actor will, at the very least, get a cameo role as Aquaman in Snyder's new film, a move which could reflect on the events of last year's Man Of Steel regarding the subaqueous destruction caused by the world engine at the hands of General Zod.

Folks are excited to see this could be happening, and I personally hope Warner Bros. will provide an official statement to settle the issue once and for all, particularly so that Momoa won't be so annoyed. I can imagine its frustrating being on non-disclosure terms. I'm a news writer and like many, I've learned only a few things in the past year I can't talk about publicly because it's not within my power to do so unless otherwise confirmed. So, no pressure from me J. I'm right there with you. Now let's squash this WB! We await your announcement!

Momoa can next be seen in his directorial debut, Road To Paloma, the week of July 11 in select theaters and on home platforms starting July 15. Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice releases May 6, 2016.


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