Indie Fan Short, MORTAL KOMBAT: THE ONE Relauches Indiegogo

Mortal Kombat is still a thing these days, with a brand new game on the way, in addition to current preparations being made for a third season to the Kevin Tancharoen-directed webseries with an official announcement pending, and feature film that's been a huge question mark since 2011. But the fanfare is still going, and independent filmmaker and New York University Tisch School film major Anthony Pellino is currently working on his own shortfilm contribution to the classic tournament fighting game franchise with Mortal Kombat: The One, following a crowdfunder back in February and principle photography just a few months later.

At the moment, however, production is at a standstill with a few scenes needed to be reshot, including the final fight of the project, and the production is now at the top of a new crowdfunder to help claim the funds needed to unveil the project on January 1. But not for nothing, as Pellino has also unveiled a brand new trailer to help inspire your interest.

Set a few years before the 10th tournament in Manhattan, Rayden is desperate. He has very few leads on potential fighters, and he knows this is his last chance. He needs the best. By blackmailing an even more desperate on-the-run Sub-Zero, (running from the Cyber Initiative) Rayden promises Sub-Zero protection from the Lin-Kuei in exchange for services. 
Together they devise ways to lure the very small list of fighters they have into joining their cause and training them up until the tournament.

Check it out below, and to learn more about how you can benefit from your generous donations, visit the official Indiegogo campaign platform.


  1. Street Fighter Assassin's Fist quality is what I am looking for!

    the MK series that came out were all lacklusters.

    i don't think i will be looking forward to this:/

    1. MKL 1 & 2 and SFAF all had substantial budgets. You're criticizing this project with the wrong measure since its a fan film being done on a much smaller scale. Try having an open mind first.


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