'Win For Love' In The New Music Video For Martial Arts Drama, YASMINE!

Just off of leaving an impression for attendees at this year's 17th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival, filmmaker Siti Kamaluddin is still on the road this month with two months left until her new martial arts drama, Yasmine, opens domestically in Brunei this August 21. Until then, the promotional campaign for the film continues with the film now being represented at this year'a 7th Annual ASEAN Consumer Fair in Brunei where Origin Films will be pitching some cool Yasmine-related merchandise.

Featuring fight choreography by former Jackie Chan cohort Chan Man Ching, Yasmine is Kamaluddin's directorial debut marking the first commercial feature film of its kind to hit Brunei screens in five decades. The film is written by Salman Aristo, and stars breakout lead actress Liyana Yus in a coming-of-age story about honor, family, and most of all, love - the latter being the central theme of the film's new music video, Menang Demi Cinta (Win For Love) by Jakarta-based rock group, Nidji.

Love is never an easy matter, especially for Yasmine. The boy of her dreams, Adi is back in town but he hooks up with Dewi, her longtime rival. Tired of her school and tied up in an underdog Silat club, she decides to take matters into her own hands and start leading the team. At first, Yasmine’s secret activities are well hidden. However, when her father eventually finds out, he decides once and for all to save Yasmine from what he believes to be her downfall.

Check out the music video, as well as the new trailer which includes the song and stay tuned for more info! To watch the same trailer without the song, CLICK HERE


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