Dominic Purcell To Get GRIDLOCKED With Cody Hackman Next Week!

Director Allan Ungar is ready to get back to the set once more and reunite with actor, martial artist and producer Cody Hackman for the forthcoming production of the new action thriller, Gridlocked. The two initially started the year having released Ungar's directorial debut, Tapped (a.k.a. Tapped Out) which featured Hackman alongside co-stars Anderson Silva, Martin Kove and Michael Biehn.

This time production will commense under Hackman's banner, Hackybox Pictures with filming set for July 7 in Ontario. Gridlocked is also co-written by Ungar, and joins Hackman and Purcell in a story of a detective chauffeuring an legally embattled movie star when the training facility is attacked.

Purcell can currently be seen in his newest DVD release of writer and director Damian Lee's boxing drama, A Fighting Man, now available wherever movies are sold. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for further updates on Gridlocked.


  1. That is my club i coach at and was used in movie. It is also where Dom trained for prep for AFM. I had many sparring sessions with him at this club.


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