With pre-production currently underway for director Yuen Woo-Ping's new film, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Destiny, Vietnamese filmmaker and the film's newly announced second unit director Charlie Nguyen is casting another lead actress for the role of Snow Vase. Let It Cast provided the details where potential auditionees can sign up:
When we first meet her, she’s a punk yet feminine swordswoman, cocky, fearless and (despite her youth and beauty,) highly skilled in martial arts. Behind her devil-may-care demeanor, Snow Vase is driven by her duty to her late, adoptive mother, Jen Yu (Zhang Ziyi's character in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), to whom she made a deathbed promise to find Jen’s stolen son. Under the tutelage of swordswoman Yu (Michelle Yeoh), Snow Vase becomes a calmer, more tempered blade, but is still stunned when she finds that Tie-Fang, who may be friend or foe, is Jen’s long-lost child.. 
You must match all the following requirements to audition. No exceptions. 
1 Gender: female
2 Playing age: 18 to 27 years old
3 Ethnic appearance: Asian Viet/Thai / Asian Chinese / Asian Filipino/Indonesian / Eurasian
4 Union(s): SAG-AFTRA (open to non union members as well)
5 Language(s): English
Production on the film was announced earlier last year with filming now set to commense next month in New Zealand and China. Master Yuen is directing from a script by John Fusco with international action star Michelle Yeoh set to reprise her role from the first film. Martial arts sensation Donnie Yen also stars with actor Nicholas Tse. Stay tuned for more info and best of luck to the auditionees!

H/T: M.A.A.C.


  1. Where can I get info like this? (casting a role to be enquired)
    I'm interested but never find it in time.


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