A Classic Heroine Returns For Indie Fan Feature, SAKURA: STEPSISTER STREETFIGHTER

Gemma Nguyen in "Sakura: Stepsister Streetfighter"

If you're at all familiar with Toei Studios and the contributions they brought to the martial arts genre between 1974 and 1976 with the karate-themed Sister Street Fighter film series, you might be delighted to learn of some new independent efforts now taking place thanks to writer and producer Mikey Barnes and director Alex Chesborough. Featuring six time world Karate champion, stuntwoman and How To Train Your Dragon stageshow lead actress Gemma Nguyen, those efforts are now getting a bright new spot light this week with the unveiling of the newest poster for their upcoming production Sakura: Stepsister Streetfighter. Check it out below!

Described as an "old-school tale of revenge set in a modern day world of corruption", the new film will see Nguyen in the title role as a one-woman death squad taking on the cold blooded killers responsible for murdering her father. The film itself will aim toward the look and feel of a Grindhouse-style production, which is something Barnes hinted at pertaining to a question regarding his own value of the classic franchise and the genre it attributes to. "I love the unique aesthetic value those films had." Barnes says. "Granted they weren't the best made movies but they had this special charm about how they were shot and how they approached plot and the characters. I love Etsuko [Shihomi] and I think Toei put out some of the best karate films of the day back then. The movies are just a fun ride that never try to be something they're not and that's what I want to make with this.".

Barnes also spoke on behalf of Nguyen when discussing the prospects of this ambitious new project, should they achieve their targeted budget. "If we get to make the feature you'll be able to see Gemma in a role that is going to showcase all of her stuntwoman talents to the fullest, as well as her world champion nunchuck skills." he says. "The film will be centered around her so you will be able to see her in a substantial acting role as well as kicking ass. It's gonna be really cool to see someone of her size taking on goons twice or three times her size!".

Gemma Nguyen (2010 Stuntreel)

The production just wrapped filming for a pitch trailer specifically designed to help engineer crowdfunding efforts that are expected to launch on July 7, 2014 with said trailer, and they're looking to help build as much awareness an anticipation with fans of martial arts action cinema and movies alike. So while you're here, head over to the official Facebook page and subscribe for further updates, and gather a few dollars if you can!


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