The Stunt People's Eric Jacobus Gets Engaged Behind Our Backs, And We're Not Mad About It At All!

Eric and his bride-to-be take a happy selfie.

It's been roughly a decade or so since I began following the independent action scene, having become a fan of several film groups over the years and slowly accumulating my online social circle within the industry. Having said this, please forgive me for feeling a little sappy today-and no, I don't plan on doing this sort of thing all the time as I don't normally do this, nor do I know all the details and exploits of the personal lives of these folks. But I'm in a mood.

So, I just wanted to write a special congratulations to Facebook friend, independent filmmaker Eric Jacobus's new engagement to lady friend Chiara. I've known Eric off-and-on since the mid-2000s having become a fan of his team, The Stunt People, primarily watching him in helmer Stephen Reedy's spectactular shortfilm, Undercut, and being one of the first people to purchase a copy of their 2006 feature, Contour (a.k.a. The Agent).

I try to follow the careers of these people as closely as possible. And as a result, my service as a freelance film enthusiast and blogger is a caveat that comes with such a privilege. So I see and hear things from these folks and almost become a part of their virtual personal lives. And to see Jacobus take a grand step forward in his own life is something I am thankful and humbled in a way to write about, aside from his career.

Not everyone is as lucky, although we can all hope for such good luck. And these two kids look like a tremendously happy, wonderful and lucky couple.... Amazing.
Eric, I wish you and the lovely lady all the best from here on out.

Cheers to the both of you.

Now, where was I?... Ah! Right. Movies.  Stay tuned for more info! And remember to buy Death Grip on DVD and BluRay!


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