The Official Trailer For WEREWOLF ASSASSIN Howls Online

Independent filmmaker, actor and fellow Eclipse Stunts fall guy, Alex Chung is still putting this finishing touches on his latest labor of love, Werewolf Assassin, featuring Eclipse member Kyle Stewart with Jermaine Carty and Celine Lolos among other names casted. Tentatively clocked in somewhere in the region of thirty and forty minutes, fans can expect this one to arrive hopefully sometime this Fall as Chung has other obligations in between now and then, but we now have an official trailer that presents the inspired Grindhouse-style vision that clearly does this one MUCH justice!

Werewolf Assassin also has an official Facebook page, so if you haven't subscribed yet, it would be wise to do so. Otherwise, check out the juicy new trailer below ans watch out for more updates throughout the long as you're not doing so while out at night with a full moon.
Appearing only during full moons, the Werewolf Assassin hunts and mutilates its targets, leaving a trail of blood and body parts that catches the attention of both the government and a mad scientist who's building an army of cyber-zombies.


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