The New Trailer For YASMINE Channels Bruce Lee With A Woman's Touch

Things are now settling after director Siti Kamaluddin and her fellow film cohorts at Origin Films spent the past few weeks garnering attention from onlookers and buyers in Cannes this year for her new coming-of-age martial arts action drama Yasmine. The film is the currently the beneficiary of several firsts, including being Brunei's first commercial picture in up to five decades, as well as being Kamaluddin's directorial debut starring breakout actress Liyana Yus in the title role. And since premiering the first teaser back in March, the film is already leaving quite an impression among genre fans curious to see what Yus has in store.

That day is now coming with the film's domestic release scheduled for slated for August 21, and to accomodate this, we now have a brand new official trailer which you can check out with a behind-the-scenes clip - the first of four featurettes from the film's official website until the film's release. Yasmine also stars Arifin Putra, Reza Rahadian, Carmen Soo, Dian P. Ramlee, Roy Sungkono, Mentari De Marelle, and Nabila Huda. The film is written by Salman Aristo and features fight choreography by former Jackie Chan Stunt Team member Chan Man Ching.

Love is never an easy matter, especially for Yasmine. The boy of her dreams, Adi is back in town but he hooks up with Dewi, her longtime rival. Tired of her school and tied up in an underdog Silat club, she decides to take matters into her own hands and start leading the team. At first, Yasmine’s secret activities are well hidden. However, when her father eventually finds out, he decides once and for all to save Yasmine from what he believes to be her downfall.


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