The Battle For Territorial Rights Ensues In The New Brit Crime Pic, TOP DOG!

Up for another round of gritty British action storytelling this month? Producer Jonathan Sothcott and director Martin Kemp has your needs answered in his newest gangster thriller, Top Dog, written from a script and based on a 2011 novel publication by Green Street scribe and author Dougie Brimson, and featuring Leo Gregory in the title role.

The film lands on DVD and Blu-Ray store shelves in the UK this week. Check out the trailer and get your copy today.

Hooligan boss Billy Evans has it all - a successful business, a beautiful family and respect on the terraces. Even better, the police have never been able to touch him. But when he butts heads with gangster Mickey over a backstreet protection racket, Billy soon finds himself out of his depth as events rapidly escalate and he finds that he has taken on far more than he can chew.
top dog greenband quotes 16x9 hd 25 from DGL Creative on Vimeo.


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