STARGATE Gets A Trilogy Reboot

Ever have a moment in your life when you realize a mistake has just come back to haunt you? Well, for me, it was never seeing Stargate when it came out back in 1994, with Kurt Russell and James Spader...well, at least not from start to finish anyway. But indeed, the film became a huge hit racking up nearly $200 million at the box office worldwide, spawning several TV shows, games, toys and much more in the years that followed.

So, fast forward 20 years later and it appears that MGM and Warner Bros. are breathing new life into the franchise once again with Roland Emmerich returning to the director's chair to offset a new trilogy. Emmerich also co-wrote the original film with Dean Devlin who is sitting in as producer. Emmerich is still attached to direct another return to a 1990's blockbuster franchise with the long-awaited two-part sequel to the 1996 alien invasion thriller, Independence Day, currently being scripted by Spyhunter scribe Carter Blanchard.

Emmerich is currently filming the 60's civil rights drama, while Devlin is touching up pre-production for Geostorm, his latest feature film at Warner Bros. and Skydance.

As for Stargate, with today's standards for blockbuster filmmaking, I'm sold. But nonetheless, I have homework to do!

H/T: Deadline


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