SONS OF THE DEVIL Ventures Into Film And Comic Book Lore With Kickstarter

How far would you go to protect the ones you love from a sadistic killer that happens to be your father? Well, DC Comics author and independent filmmaker Brian Buccalleto wants to answer that question for you with the hopeful production of his new psychological thriller, Sons Of The Devil, designated to be both a comic book and a shortfilm, provided that his newest kickstarter is successful.
SONS OF THE DEVIL is a character driven psychological thriller that is told in multiple timelines across 25 years.  
In 1989, the FBI raid the remote compound of deranged Cult leader DAVID DALY-- only to find him comatose among the 93 murdered followers he sacrificed in a devil’s bargain. The only survivors are six infants rescued the night before the bloody massacre. 
Twenty-five years later we meet one of those infants…
There are more details available at the project's kickstarter platform which only has three weeks left before it expires. So if you're into graphic novels and intriguing stories that center around the occult, feel free to pan over to the official Kickstarter page to learn more about this new project, its creator, and the perks you can earn from your generosity.

Because perks are awesome.


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