Niyati Ghate Faces Cavernous Evil In The New Trailer For MUKKAM POST DHANORI

I don't really know how often female-led action adventure films are made in India, but despite the latest one from filmmaking duo Sudarshan Warale and Mahesh Rajmane isn't as stylish in action as most people are normally used to, it still felt worth point out. The film in question is the Marathi-language thriller titled Mukkam Post Dhanori from production banner, 24FS Chitra, and it is being pitched as an all-out action adventure flick with actress Niyati Ghate breaking out in her first debut role.

Point in fact, the film appears to also be a debut for Warale and Rajmane who wrote, produced, shot and directed the film from a concept that started around 2009, with a production that took up to three years to complete. After several dates were pushed back, the film is finally making its way to domestic cinemas this June. And to top it off, we have a trailer - no subtitles though, but hopefully the synopsis will give you some ideas.

Watch the trailer below!

Pooja, an archeological student with a haunting past, along with her two friends, Raghu and Sameer, goes to remote village of Dhanori in search of ancient treasure. Her adventure quickly turns into chaos when they come face to face with invisible evil. But boundaries of good and evil are thin. Can Pooja overcome and cure her haunting past? This psychological action thriller will take you through adventurous ride into haunting dreams, stubborn moral values, bonds of friendship and hunger of greedy souls.


  1. Here is link to one fight scene from it....


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