Cop And Criminal Join Forces In The New Film, EAGLE AND HAWK

It's been nearly nineteen years since Mikio Osawa and Kazumi Morohoshi took the public stage as members of the Japanese pop idol group, Hikaru Genji. Having ventured heavily into film and television following the group's split, the two can now be seen in Osawa's directorial debut for the new film, Eagle And Hawk.

The trailer has gone viral since mid-April offering a glimpse at what looks like a glorious throwback to old-school 80's and 90's Yakuza crime thrillers; low in budget, but loaded with its fair share of action and firepower to whet the appetites of any fan who love a good gangster flick. And to the good fortune of Japanese audiences, the film comes out domestically this weekend.

Osawa and Morohoshi are joined by Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear co-star Shun Sugata, along with actress Ritsuko Tanaka, and actors Hitoshi Ozawa and Masao Orimo. Watch for more news if this goes stateside.

As kids, Washio and Takamura were best buddies and rollerskating rivals. Twenty years later, they're on completely different paths in life -- Washio (Osawa) is a member of the yakuza and Takamura is now a police detective. While investing the local heroin trade, Takamura (Morohoshi) looks up his old pal and they join forces to crush Washio's bitter underworld nemesis.


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