WHITE TIGER Kicks Into Action With A New Trailer!

Southeast Asia has been a longstanding beacon for stage-setting spectacular martial arts action films for many, many years, with the most recent being Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear, and the forthcoming release of Ekchai Uekrongtham's Skin Trade to name a few. And this week, that trend continues with the latest jungle action thriller, White Tiger.

Filmed in Thailand and Paupa New Guinea with director, Hong Kong action cinema veteran, actor and genre documentarian Toby Russell, the White Tiger was completed in 2012 following subsequent post-production until it was hampered by some legal issues at the time. At least now it seems things may be moving forward as we are finally granted a new trailer ahead of the Cannes next month, which I'm guessing means will probably lead to some distribution news sometime this year.

Produced by Tri-M Entertainment President, Karen Kaing, White Tiger sets lead actor and Xtreme Martial Arts champion Matt Mullins (Bloodfist 2050, Mortal Kombat Legacy S1, The Wrath Of Vajra, Blood And Bone) in a story of a cop out to avenge his partner's death with the help of a mercenary. Joining him are martial arts action cinema legends Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock in their second feature together between the 2004 fantasy action adventure, Sci-Fighter, and their current fundraiser for the upcoming family action drama,The Martial Arts Kid.

The film also reunites director Russell with Kill 'Em All co-star, late actor and Karate champion Joe Lewis since working together on the 1988 Robert Tai film, Death Cage.

Rounding out the cast are actor Gigi Velicitat, Thai TV actiress Yui Chiranan Manochem, and Ninja 2 alumni Jawed El Berni, Yuhkoh Matsuguchi with Dragonwolf and Raging Phoenix co-star Kazu Patrick Tang designing the action sequences.

Check out the trailer from Gorilla Pictures and stay tuned for more information!

H/T: City On Fire


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