Toshiaki Karasawa Gets His Kicks In The New Teaser For IN THE HERO

Director Masaharu Take has a new film on the way that centers on the evolutionary story of a rocky friendship between two very different generations of Tokusatsu. That film is titled In The Hero and stars lead actor Toshiaki Karasawa with co-star Sota Fukushi, both who are members of the same Roppongi-based entertainment group, Ken-On, and are now making their first big screen appearance together.

The film also marks a return to form as both actors have a shared history as Tokusatsu performers, between Karasawa's membership in Toei Action Club as a teenager and Fukushi's most recent role in the 2011-2012 TV series, Kamen Rider Fourze. In The Hero is written by Keiya Mizuno and Lee Bong-Ou, with actress Tomoka Kurotani, and actors Susumu Terajima and Jyo Hyuga rounding out the known cast so far. The film releases in Japan on September 6.

Check out the brand new teaser and a some more of the latest stills toward the bottom.

*Special thanks to HJU contributor Dyvontrae Johnson for the assist!

Wataru Honjo is a veteran suit actor who resents popular young actor Ryo Ichinose for getting the role of Black Dragon in an upcoming film version of Dragon Four, a role he had wanted to play himself. He also becomes convinced Ryo has no respect for the genre. Hostilities continue on the set of the movie, but after they up to help with a co-star's wedding, the two men start to gain respect for each other and even start to form a friendship. 
Soon, Ryo is given the starring role in an upcoming Hollywood movie titled "Last Blade" being shot on location in Japan. However, production is eventually halted when a stunt actor quits abruptly when he decides a certain action sequence is far too dangerous. The foreign staff members are left in the lurch, but they soon decide to call in the man they've heard is the best stunt actor in Japan - Wataru Honjo.


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