Jackie Chan's DRAGON BLADE Kicks Off Filming With A New Logo

Jackie Chan celebrates his 60th birthday at the Peace, Love & Happiness Concert in Beijing on April 6

If you've been living the life of world-renowned film superstar Jackie Chan, chances are you had one hell of a star-studded 60th birthday celebration this year. You may have even had a limited edition Lamborghini unveiled in your honor or even commissioned a Malayisian artist by the name of Hong Yi (a.k.a. Red) create a life-sized portrait of the actor made of recyclable chopsticks, as so shows in the video below.

Indeed, you sure have had an epic life so far. Alas, your life remains ongoing, and with it, the business of making films, with the current production of 14 Blades helmer Daniel Lee's new film, Dragon Blade which is now filming. SuperChan's Jackie Chan Blog's latest post reads as follows:
"Dragon Blade officially got underway today in Hengdian with some battle scenes. Filming conditions were difficult, as a combination of heat, heavy costumes and a long day took their toll on cast, crew and extras alike."
The entry, joined by the first bit of official artwork (above left) comes a little over a month after news was reported for the film to feature Chan with Hollywood star Mel Gibson about a Chinese hero who forges a partnership with a Roman legion commander to save the world from a greater evil. Nothing more is know as things are probably too early to discuss, so I figure we give it until Fall the end of Summer or for any important updates to come out way.

In the meantime, Gibson is tackling the role of the main villain for the August 15 release of The Expendables 3, while we await further news on his forthcoming production of director Jean-François Richet's Taken-style thriller, Blood Father, as well as Chan's next adventure in Sam Fell's Skip Trace and any and all possibilities pertaining to Rush Hour 4.

H/T: WSJ, Carbuzz, SCMP, MAMJ


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