Help Put Oz On The Map For The New Martial Arts Thriller, MY BROTHER'S RAGE

Main lead actor Zane Dirani preparing ahead of the main role. (PRNewsFoto/Tom Kondo)

The martial arts action cinema genre still has a very sizeable fanbase, and one that can always use a good action film of its kind to entertain audiences everwhere. Part of that audience includes folks over in Australia where at least one filmmaker is determined to make a martial arts film for its deserving fanbase.

That filmmaker's name is Cameron Miller, and he and his cast and crew are assembling a new martial arts action revenge drama titled, My Brother's Rage, with fellow lead actor Zane Dirani who can be seen beasting out some sick training in a new Indiegogo campaign video for the film, now aiming to help fund some of the film's essentials, including stunts, on-set effects and make-up and fake blood to enhance the action.

As such, the Indiegogo campaign is just three days in after launching the following official press release, with 26 days left as of this writing. So let's send some love to the Outback and help give My Brother's Rage the audience it desires!
MELBOURNE, Australia, April 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Australian martial arts films have been few and far between, so Tom Kondovasis wants to make this one count. If it’s not the first, he wants it to be the best Australian action/thriller/drama feature film of all time. 
Kondovasis, an actor and production manager for the past 20 years, is in the process of putting together My Brother’s Rage, a martial arts thriller that is just oozing with violence and passion. 
“This will be Australia’s first real martial arts film,” he said. “It’s full of action, drama and a love story that’s fast-moving from the start. My Brother’s Rage tells an exciting story about empowerment and the resistances against strong forces of evil.” 
The plot focuses on two brothers, Jade and Cruz. Jade is an underworld fighter who risks his life time and time again, just to please the mob boss. When Jade decides to leave the mob, his boss orders him killeJade is murdered in broad daylight, falling into the arms of Cruz, who is a doctor. Bent on revenge, Cruz temporarily abandons his medical practice to infiltrate the underground in search of his brother’s killer. 
Kondovasis is teaming with producer Cameron Miller in the making of this Australian action/thriller/drama feature film. Miller has an extensive background in Australian and American film and television, including teenage acting roles in The Neighbors and Man from Snowy River. 
The script is finished, the cast is assembled and the production team is ready to roll. Kondovasis is looking at raising $250,000 to cover the action stunts, explosions and special effects. 
The producers have launched an Indiegogo campaign that can be viewed at 
Contributors can back the project at various donation levels. In return, they will receive PDF copies of the script, My Brother’s Rage T-shirts and caps, their names in the movie credits and tickets to the world premiere in Melbourne or Sydney. 
The quarter-million dollar funding represents just 10 percent of the film’s budget. “It will be used for makeup, special effects, blood and stunts and some production costs,” noted Kondovasis, who hails from Oakleigh, Victoria. 
He’s counting on the martial arts fans in Australia, and around the world, to help this film become a reality. 
For further information, visit or the movie’s Facebook page,


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