CAPTAIN AMERICA: TWS EXCLUSIVE - Interview With Aaron Toney And James Young

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one of the most memorable filmgoing experiences I have ever had. It also comes with a distinct appreciation I grew over the years for the online independent action film scene which started making waves in the late 90's and early 2000's, with teams like Zero Gravity, Reel Kick, Thousand Pounds Action Company and many others.

Stuntman, martial artist and action actor Aaron Toney is a prominent member of Zero Gravity and he recently joined Thousand Pounds member, fellow stuntman and choreographer James Young to talk with Film Combat Syndicate's resident contributor and movie critic, Darren Bailey, to discuss some memorable, candid moments from the set of the new film, as well as lifelong experiences in martial arts and stunt training, and much, MUCH more. And for the record, none of this would have been possible with the aid of Thousand Pounds Action Company, of which Bailey is also founding member alongside Chris Cowan and his team behind the cameras, lending their time and energy to making this video happen.

This video truly resembles a level of progress I hope to be able to continue with this site, and I am even more than thankful to have such long-distance friendships, partnerships and acquaintances with people in an industry that has spent years entertaining folks like me. This site continues to evolve because of you, the readers, and contributors like Bailey and Cowan whose work I look forward to more and more everyday. And it pleasures me to know that I can help grant all of you wonderful gems like this to get to know the very people behind some of these exciting films we talk so much about on a daily basis.

On that note, here is Film Combat Syndicate's new, exclusive interview with Aaron Toney and James Young, hosted by Darren Bailey, and remember to follow Bailey on Facebook where you will also find his previous review of the film:
I recently sat down to share dinner and hard cider with stuntmen James Young and Aaron Toney. Their most recent collaboration was on the record-breaking Captain America: The Winter Soldier. We discussed the ins and outs of the industry, specific needs of that film, as well as a history of their work in the stunt community and what's important to them as artists. Please share this post with others and help put the stunt community even further in the spotlight." 
Host: Darren Bailey  
Guests: James Young and Aaron Toney 
Concept: Lee B. Golden 
Cameras: Chris Cowan and Louis Polak 
Editor: Keith Funkhouser 
Private photos of Aaron Toney by Tony Chu Photography.


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