87 Eleven Action Design Presents: JUICE

It's a match made in ass-kicking heaven, with Jeremy Marinas and Kristina Baskett in "Juice".

Guy meets girl. Guy runs with girl. Guy asks girl out. Girl challenges guy to a fight?

Yes, you read correctly. And it's all seen here in the new romantic action short, Juice, the work of 87Eleven Action Design member and Hollywood stuntman, Jeremy Marinas, with actress and stuntwoman, Kristina Baskett in a story of how far a guy will go to pursue love at first sight. And in this case, it comes in the form of a lady who doesn't mind beating up her persistent suitor to test his will.

Juice is also the latest in a growing resumè of shortfilms following Marinas has followed up on in the past year or so that I know of, and another impressive show of skill and talent on behalf of Baskett who first caught even more of my attention back in January with a short called Triumph. Both are real-deal natural talents, and it also adds to see how incredible 87Eleven, founded by industry stunt coordinators David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, has flourished in content for its online fanbase in a day and age where the internet has become the epicenter for virtually all forms of creativity.

It's also proving to great way to help promote their platform in light of the upcoming release of actor Keanu Reeves' revenge thriller, John Wick, in which Leitch and Stahelski are making their forthcoming directorial debut. So in all likelihood, if your name is Jeremy Marinas and you get to operate under their wing, you might be well on your way to brighter prospects.

Hopefully we will get to learn a lot more about this team soon enough as time moves on. In the meantime, watch Baskett give Marinas a run for his money in the new shortfilm, Juice, in the following embed below.

As a noteworthy mention, Leitch is one of the dozens of seasoned veteran action professionals who will be featured in UK-based stuntman and author Mike Fury's new book, Life Of Action, due for release later this year. To read the official announcement, and learn more about 87Eleven Action Design, head over to their respective official websites HERE and HERE.


  1. Just watched it Dec. 18th, 2015. Now that is a good reason why I would have taken "No", or her body language & verbal context, for an answer. That was a true C47 of Marines [can of whup ass] that she opened on/gave him!


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