Watch The New Trailer For For ICEMAN 3D

After roughly a year of production filled with more than it's share of challenges, it appears things are finally coming together with action star Donnie Yen's long-awaited two-part epic reboot thriller, Iceman 3D. And this week, we now have a proper trailer that says so, with a lot more to offer on the film's narrative than seen in previous footage, and should continue to garner further interest.

Co-directed by The Wrath Of Vajra helmer Law Wing Cheong, Iceman 3D also stars Wang Baoqiang, Eva Huang and Simon Yam, and debuts in Hong Kong on April 17 before it spreads to China a week later, with details still awaiting for the sequel, in addition to Well Go USA's North American schedule for the film. Stay tuned for more info.

In the Ming Dynasty, there are four orphans, Ying (Donnie Yen), Yuanlong (Simon Yam), Sao (Wang Baoqiang) and Niehu. Raised in Taoyuan Village, the four are close as brothers. Their exceptional martial arts allow them to reach the highest rank among the imperial guards. They take the order to kill the Japanese troop leader, and return in triumph. The Emperor then orders Ying to escort the Golden Wheel of Time from India back to the capital, which is said to have the power of time travelling and foreseeing the future. On the way of escorting, Ying is set up by his brothers and he chooses to fight against them. The duel has shaken the earth, an avalanche strucks and buries the four. Travelling 400 years in time to modern Hong Kong, Ying meets wasted May (Eva Huang) who gives him shelter.


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