Updates On FENG SHEN BANG Concept Art And Production

Following an earlier report on Friday stemming from several tweets and conceptual art samples, Chinese media forwarded new reports of the new film, now known as Feng Shen Bang. News of the film grew traction earlier on with at least two photos of concept art illustrating actor Jet Li and actress Shu Qi in their respective roles. Those updates now have some newly revealed concept images with reports that Ip Man 1 and 2 helmer Wilson Yip will instead be co-directing the film with Koan Hui in what appears to be the latest move toward fashionable big-budgeted 3D blockbuster productions, notably falling in line with the latest success stories, Stephen Chow's Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons, and this year's Donnie Yen smash hit, The Monkey King.

Based on the 16th century novel Feng Shen Yan Yi (a.k.a. The Investiture Of The Gods) by Xu Zhonglin, Feng Shen Bang  centers on two warring kings: one bewitched by a vixen spirit posing as a concubine, and one who rises up to restore peace in the land, aided by his strategist Jiang Ziya, a gifted disciple whose master bestows a list that would endow him with the ability to call upon the power of the Heavens. With the epic battles that would ensue, both sides make their dealings with supernatural forces - gods, immortals, spirits, etc. - that would advance them in their efforts in an explosive, dramatic and spectacular feud would ultimately decide the fate between two clashing dynasties.

That very strategist will be played in a supporting role by Li himself, with actress Qi and The Grandmaster star, actor Tony Leung Ka-Fai respectively portraying the vixen spirit, Daji, and the tyrannical king she manipulates, King Zhou. Feng Shen Bang will also star Huang Xiaoming as mythological Zhou army ally Erlang Shen, along with actress Angelababy as a mermaid, Louis Koo as Buddhist wisdom god Mahamayuri, Wen Zhang playing Nezha, and Jacky Heung as Leizhenzi.

The film is set to begin rolling cameras in September, which likely means a late 2015 release at best considering the scope of this film. Although hopefully, it won't turn out to be a long and on-going process much like The Monkey King which began rolling its cameras in late 2010 before finally hitting Hong Kong and China screens earlier this year.

It's a big film, so time will tell.

In the meantime, check out the full imagery of the concept art below, and best of luck to the cast and crew!

Stay tuned for more info.

Huang Xiaoming


Tony Leung Kai-Fai

Jackie Heung

Wen Zhang

H/T: Jaynestars


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