Reel Time: MICHAEL LEHR (2014)

Since the new year started, I've written quite a few times on some work recently released online featuring the action performance stylings of stuntman and actor Michael Lehr, a favorite of mine being his most recent test fight for LBP Stunts Chicago with stuntman Alex Hashioka. I've personally enjoyed writing about him, and needless to say, he's got some amazing things in the works this year, particularly for fans of Hong Kong action and MMA, in addition to a few other things I will continue to learn a little more about in further hopeful conversations in due time (even I have to learn certain things in a timely fashion).

I will say that I recently had the honor of taking an early look at one fan fight Lehr performed with another stuntman I have written about before, and honest to goodness, I know you will love it too. In the meantime, I highly advise you check out his latest reel, and do have the good sense to subscribe to his channel. It will be worth your time and enjoyment.


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