Part Two Of THE RAID 2: Behind The Scenes Is Here

With the first of two behind the scenes videos being aired this month, a second one is now up for the upcoming release of The Raid 2, which you can check out below. The new featurette shows a little bit more new footage of the action, and also offers a little more from writer/director Gareth Evans and the cast and crew on the editing process, details and experiences on certain sets, the score, and the "different kind of assassin" fans will see played by returning actor Yayan Ruhian, among other things.

The film launches in selected territories around the world, including Indonesia, New Zealand/Australia, and in the U.S. in New York and L.A. on March 28 with further releases thereafter. Honestly, the date can't come fast enough, and I can't wait to see this fucking movie already. So... yeah.

Check out the new video below!


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