Marko Zaror Counts His Blessings With Bullets In The Upcoming Production Of Assassin Thriller, REDEEMER

Chilean martial arts action superstar Marko Zaror has been one of the most influential cinematic performers of the past decade. And just after recently appearing opposite actor Danny Trejo in Machete Kills, it appears that the Undisputed 3 actor is ready to jump onto that very momentum he has earned since his early days as a stuntman and a trendsetting breakout action hero.

Today, it is being announced that Zaror will re-team once more with director Ernesto Diaz Espinoza for a brand new Spanish-language action film titled Redeemer. The film is the second project being executive produced as of late by XYZ Films (the same studio behind The Night Comes For Us, The Raid trilogy and its forthcoming U.S. remake, in addition to Maori martial arts epic, The Dead Lands to name a few) with Zaror as the main lead since it was announced just a few years ago that the company previously reported its involvement on the upcoming production of One Good Thing, to be co-starred with The Raid franchise fave Yayan Ruhian. And with filming on Redeemer set to begin next week, the world of martial arts cinema fanfare has another reason to smile. Or cry with joy... whatever you prefer.

Twitchfilm founder and editor, and XYZ Films producing partner Todd Brown has offered the full press release publicly, which you can check out below:
Los Angeles, CA (March 17, 2014) - XYZ Films has announced that they will be executive producing and handling sales for the Spanish-language martial arts actioner REDEEMER (Redentor), which is headlined by Chilean action star Marko Zaror. Written and directed by Ernesto Diaz Espinoza, the film marks the fourth time that Espinoza and Zaror have worked together since 2006.  It was produced by Espinoza, Zaror and Diego Moral Heimpell and is executive produced by XYZ Films. The film will begin principal photography on March 24th in Chile.    
Former hitman Nicky Pardo (Zaror) has made a deal with God. Pardo will begin every day by holding a gun to his own head and pulling the trigger. And every day he does not die he will take it as a sign that he is meant to continue hunting down the men he used to work for.  
Zaror has most recently been seen working in English opposite Scott Adkins (EXPENDABLES 2) as the principal villain in UNDISPUTED 3, and as Mel Gibson's primary henchman in MACHETE KILLS. He is a highly trained martial artist across multiple disciplines who - like Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen and Iko Uwais - performs all of his own fight and stunt work without the use of any wires or CGI tricks.  Zaror's big break came when he was hired as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's body / stunt double on Peter Berg's THE RUNDOWN, for which he won multiple stunt awards.  He then returned to Chile where he and Espinoza collaborated on KILTRO, the first martial arts film ever produced in all of South America.  
Espinoza most recently handled editing duties on Eli Roth's Toronto festival title THE GREEN INFERNO.  Apart from his work with Zaror, Espinoza was also included as a director on THE ABCs OF DEATH ANTHOLOGY and directed the festival hit BRING ME THE HEAD OF THE MACHINE GUN WOMAN.

H/T: Twitchfilm


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