Kevin Tancharoen Surprises The Internet With News On MORTAL KOMBAT LEGACY 3!

I'm a little beside myself this morning as I just sat in front of some really intriguing news involving the fever-pitch campaign of enduring patience for any and all news regarding Mortal Kombat. Ever since filmmaker Kevin Tancharoen shook the fan community with news of his departure from the franchise, one could only assume what would happen next only after a seven-minute pitch trailer for a potential feature film, and a two-season Machinima webseries based on the highly popular game.

Well, after recently unveiling his latest collaborations with the Jabbawockeez for Regenerate, and the latest pilot episode for The Gable 5, the director is now on record stating talks with Mortal Kombat co-creator and producer Ed Boon and the execs at Warner Bros. will occur this week to get the third season approved. “We are starting to talk about it [Legacy Season 3] literally this week (knock on wood)." Tancharoen says. "I’m starting to talk to Warner Bros. and the video game creators, so hopefully we can see it through.”
The director also addressed how he and the people behind the scenes would approach the third season considering how the second season ended, saying in part, “With Legacy Season 1, it was kind of a big experiment. No one has done it before, and we didn’t know if should be an anthology or connected. We did the first one as an anthology and the second one more serialized. In the future, it will definitely be more connected and more cohesive…. We all feel right now that we have such a trajectory to the series. There are so many more stories to tell in that format.”

As for the feature film itself, the statements above didn't exactly address the issue, and it's kind of hard to tell what will happen now considering how things have been observed since the webseries was conceptualized. As the director so states, something like this was never done before at the time, and it was mostly experimental, and there is a big mixture of criticisms and opinions about telling this story in such an episodic fashion as opposed to the feature film we have all been waiting to hear more on since it was talked about back in 2011 with a script by Men In Black 4 scribe Oren Uziel.

However, the pending release of Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist and the huge fan support it earned within the past several years does seem telling as the genre of tournamemt fighting game transitions to live action film productions are still in huge demand. So it looks like Tancharoen's efforts here for a "more connected and more cohesive" Mortal Kombat Legacy - Season 3 just might pay off. But of course, that will depend on whether or not they've learned from their past mistakes so as to get it right for their fans this time.

At any rate, it's safe to say (for now) that this story is far from over. So if any of you have stopped following Tancharoen on Twitter since he stepped away from Mortal Kombat last year, feel free to click that follow button once again, keep your fingers crossed, and let's hope all these updates lead us to a flawless victory for the fans.

QUESTION: Are you looking forward to a newer and improved Mortal Kombat Legacy Season 3? Or are you still holding out hope for a feature film reboot as promised? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on Facebook.

Source: Inquisitr

Photo Credit: Sue Schneider_MGP Agency


  1. sorry not interested in this nonsense!
    wait for almost 2 years to release a 30min feature movie, broken into 15mins of sense scene.

    i won't bother with this. i will wait for MK10 instead


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