Help Crowdfund Season Two Of Online Hit Action Webseries, BLACK!

If you happen to be a fan of cinematic military-style action, combat, suspense and drama, then unless you've heard of independent filmmaker and series creator Frank T. Ziede's new webseries, Black, you may want to pay attention. Last year's successful crowdfunding and delivery of the first season for Ziede's new action series about a covert-ops team created in response to domestic terrorism, has earned fanwide approval of a second season with new and returning cast members led by actor and former Navy Seal veteran Mikal Vega. And as a result, the bar is now being raised for more action, longer episodes and all the necessary trimmings to further expand the scope of the Black universe.

About a month after the first season began airing last year, Film Combat Syndicate spoke to Ziede during an e-mail interview in which the director offered a little bit of insight on what fans could expect if the first season took off. "Our next chapter for the BLACK team focuses on the idea of cyber terrorism mixed with some hardcore mercenaries as Carnahan’s (Mikal Vega) next enemies.", he says. "We’d like to kick things up a few notches, of course and have some larger set pieces and more advanced shots.  We hope our audience wants to see what we can do next.".

And with this, the director has a new Kickstarter campaign already up and running that promises big perks, and even more bigger bang for every buck you donate. To get an idea of what the series entails, watch the teaser for the first season in the following embed, and visit the official Kickstarter campaign where you can learn all you need to know on how to support this spectacular new series.


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