Hammergirl Launches Her Subway Assault In A New Clip From THE RAID 2

The North American limited theatrical premiere of writer and director Gareth Evans's new film, The Raid 2 is just a week and a half away with a wider release expected next month. I'm jusy going to say it: I envy everyone who has seen it other than me! The film screened over this past weekend here in New York City, followed by an event two days later at Apple Store SoHo, and were it not for the job (or my relentless cold this month), I would have attended. But, priorities remain.

However, the one thing I am thankful for is being a part of a recent fan-based effort attributed to the film courtesy of independent filmmaker Vlad Rimburg whose latest short, Hammergirl, won fan-wide praise and approval among his niche, as well as the film's select cast and crew since its airing last week. It was in August of last year that the character, originally played for Evans's new film played by actress Julie Estelle, made waves with an exclusive clip available only to Film4 Frightfest attendees, and much to their delight at that. And this week, MTV is offering just a taste of that very same scene from the film which you can now check below.

Mind you, it's NFSW. So, by all means, go some place where sensitive eyes won't lurk. And endulge!

H/T to Eric Jacobus (The Stunt People) for the assist!


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