Fighting Monks, Big Kicks And Slapstick In The New Trailer For BI MAT LAI BI MAT

I won't pretend to know what the current state is with Vietnamese martial arts action cinema. Personally, I miss the prospects that were once there with Charlie Nguyen having amassed a world of interest with the much-hyped Bui Doi Cho Lon, now banned from the world courtesy of Vietnamese film censors (with the exception of an unsolicited online leak). Today though, we are offered a film of a more comedic nature thanks to the efforts of acting/directing duo Nhat Cuong and Ly Hai for Bi Mat Lai Bi Mat -- loosely translated as Secretly Secret (unless someone can provide a more informed interpretation), which looks pleasing in some areas, and purposefully goofy in others. At any rate, if kung fu comedy and high jinks are your thing, then by all means, enjoy.

The film bows domestically this April.

The movie is about the precious treasures in a temple that appeals many people. Ga Ac is not an exception; he has stolen the temple’s treasure when he was staying in there. The lost treasure raised the concerns for people in the temples and revealed other mysterious secrets…


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