EMC Channels Gareth Evans For The New Fan Fight Short, THE RAID: EMC RENDITION

In the final hours on the eve of the official limited premiere of acclaimed producing/writing/directing powerhouse Gareth Evans's new film, The Raid 2, the team over at EMC Monkeys have put out something very special to mark the occasion in the form of their own special independent fan contribution simply titled The Raid: EMC Rendition. Shot in the course of three days, the new short is just one of several, highly popular contributions to Evans' vision within the last few years, most recently preceded by the stellar efforts of independent filmmaker Vlad Rimburg for his inspired short, Hammer Girl.

This time, we are re-introduced to the screenfighting presence of fellow stuntman and action actor, Bryan Sloyer, who has been making some exceptional headway in the world of indie action this year. Sloyer joins longtime EMC member, Tony Sre who choreographed and directed the piece. And what we get is not only a fight sequence that bares some very memorable attributes to the signature movements seen in the original film's principal martial arts system of Silat, but also manages to capture the spirit of the action with some of its camera work in accordance with some of the choreography.

In essence, this is another exceptional, spiritual tribute to both The Raid, and its new sequel, especially since none of the filmmakers involved here have seen the film yet. Moreover, this latest gem is also proof that the EMC Monkeys is one team of professionals that knows what it is doing and knows just how to do it. And in my humble opinion, if angel investor were to come by and give these guys a pat ok the back with one hand and an some substantially extra pocket change to work with in the other, I wouldn't protest. And I'm hard-ressed to believe most action fans would.

So do take a look in the embed below where you can also subscribe to the channel.


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