CLANDESTINE Creators Announce Two New Side Projects

The January airing of the official dual episode trailer for the Chris Cowan and Haile Lee-directed martial arts fantasy series, Clandestine, drew humongous resolve for fans who have been long patient for this inspired new series to finally see some movement. And as for official dates, nothing yet has been confirmed as Cowan and Lee, co-founding members of Thousand Pounds Action Company and the creators of the series were since in the middle of grant their independent project the full potential of a mainstream television series.

Needless to say the wheels are turning slow, but from what I am told, they are turning quite well. In the meantime, Cowan and Lee have continued to stay busy as the trailer release of Clandestine also marked the launch of their other new production platform over at Epic Rival with fellow creator and writer, Lex Randleman, where they have also setup camp for two new side projects. The official announcement can be viewed in the following embed from the official Epic Rival Facebook page.

Cowan and Lee have a huge reptuation as being two of the best in their field, and it shows in their work. Collaborating with numerous professionals from around the country, it's no wonder why there is such support for them in the hopes that they're work will go mainstream. And with the latest trailer for Jonathan Liebesman's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer already viral, it will be interesting to see what Cowan and Lee come up with for their little homage to the highly popular characters Cowan so expressively endorsed in a small chat on Monday regarding what inspired him to bring TMNT to life for Epic Rival, and what he loves most about the characters.

"I've always wanted to do something that gave back to the 4 ninjas that kicked it off for me. I've had this idea in my head for almost a year now and it's great to finally get it on camera." he says. "They're [the characters - Leo, Raphael, Donatello and Michaelangeo] all so different in personality and it's cool to see that reflect in their individual martial arts styles. Brendon Huor, Xin Sarith Wuku, Jimmy Chhiu and Micah Karns definitely do their styles justice."

While Cowan only mentions the TMNT gig as a single project, there is a good chance it could expand depending on what the fan response is. And for CowanLee and Randleman the fans matter, which is exactly why they are hinting at a new follow-up "secret" project, which could be attributed to the #Naruto hashtag in the above post; This comes nearly two years after the successful online release of their 2012 internet hit shortfilm, Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers' Fight. And while no immediate details are being offered on the new project, time will tell if it will be just as amazing as Dreamer's Fight. Although considering the work I have seen, "amazing" would be small thinking, and this crew has yet to disappoint.

Check out Naruto Shippiden: Dreamer's Fight in the embed below if you have missed it, and remember to subscribe to Epic Rival on Facebook.


  1. WOW these guys are already creating two new projects LOL they can barely finish CLANDESTINE... ITS BEEN A YEAR-1/2 to releasing a trailer for CLANDESTINE and im sorry to say it doesnt look that GREAT

    1. It's not that "they can barely finish CLASNDESTINE...". These folks are indie, and they shot two crowdfunded epidodes as a pitch for a possible television series. And as I have reported before, I am told that search is taking time.


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