Check Out The Explosive New Teaser For URBAN GAMES

Action films directed by stunt professionals are always exciting to look forward to, as such films bare the potential to showcase the director's comprehensive understanding of what stunts to use to sell a film, and how to film those particular stunts in accordance with the storyline. And with Parkour reigning supreme with its popularity over the last decade, action fans have a brand new reason to keep their eyes peeled the release of the upcoming hostage thriller, Urban Games.

Co-directed by Zhang Peng, the film marks the latest Chinese production to add a touch of Hollywood to its mix, with veteran stuntman Bob Brown making his co-directorial debut, with Jon H. Epstein serving as the principal stunt coordinator-the latter two whose respective credits include Death Race (2008), Cowboys & Aliens (2011), and at least four Marvel films with the latest being Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And here to help show what all is this means is a brand new action-packed teaser which you can check out below.

Releasing on May 16, 2014, Urban Games stars Shawn Dou stars with Michelle Chen, Ashton Chen, Qing Ye, Weitong Zhou and Junho Kim.

Web is a fanatic of extreme sports, who indulges in Parkour during the night. When his sister is kidnapped, his determination to save her kicks off a game of life and death.


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