[UPDATED] Krowdfunding Begins For MORTAL KOMBAT: THE ONE

UPDATE: This article now includes newly added links to the crowdfunding page that began on Wednesday, following the Tuesday posting of this article.

While any promise of screenwriter Oren Uziel's script for a feature-length live-action Mortal Kombat movie continues to sit in a painful state of limbo, inspired fan film efforts are keep things moving forward with the latest trailer for the unofficial shortfilm production, Mortal Kombat: The One. Set to begin production later this year for a Fall airing, the new project comes from from student filmmaker Anthony Pellino, whose script for the film's possible 12-to-15 minute duration will center namely on characters, Lin Kuei ninja Sub-Zero and the God of Thunder himself, Raiden, loosely based on the plot from the original games.

Set a few years before the 10th tournament in Manhattan, Rayden is desperate. He has very few leads on potential fighters, and he knows this is his last chance. He needs the best. By blackmailing an even more desperate on-the-run Sub-Zero, (running from the Cyber Initiative) Rayden promises Sub-Zero protection from the Lin-Kuei in exchange for services. 
Together they devise ways to lure the very small list of fighters they have into joining their cause and training them up until the tournament.

Pellino's latest labor of love caught the attention of the folks at Mortal Kombat Online who inquired with Pellino about his goals for the project, to which he replied with the following: "With an incredibly talented group of people on board, we hope to make something the fans can appreciate, even though it does not exactly follow the timeline of MK.".

Brooklyn night club Slake NYC and Manhattan concert venue Olivia are reported to be the collective production grounds for the new shortfilm, in which Shaolin hero characters Liu Kang and Kai will also appear. Other characters may include an epilogue sequence featuring Outworld emperor Shao Khan, princess Kitana and her acid-spewing guardian Reptile, depending on how far Pellino can stretch his budget, which means crowdfunding has officially begun.

Granted, this is just a teaser, and still leaves yet to be known if the new project could match the success previously earned in 2010 by filmmaker Kevin Tancharoen whose own eight minute shortfilm had starpower and led to the prospects of a Hollywood film proposal from Warner Bros. and a sucessful two-season webseries before his unceremonious departure late last year. However, if this ambitious new fan film does manage to deliver on its own, could Pellino very well be the next Kevin Tancharoen? What do you think?

Watch the trailer below and speak out in the comment section below, and feel free to visit the project's official Indiegogo campaign page for donation information, details on the perks you can earn, and much more.


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