New Announcements Arrive From DOGHOUSE 73 PICTURES

News has been waiting in the wings for sometime now involving independent filmmaker James Lee and the plans he has brewing over in Malaysia for his upcoming original channel, Doghouse 73 Pictures. Today, the channel's conception grows closer to its full realization with the launch of the official website with new projects announced for feature-length and short films, series and theater projects, in addition to other film-related merchandise as well. Of course here, what draws our attention is the action, like Lee's previous conceptual fantasy action short, Atlantis Conspiracy with Jourdan Lee Khoo and Sunny Pang.

This month, the first of several projects being actively lined up include the currently-developing full feature horror thriller, The Lives Of The Rabbit Men, and the upcoming short film that caught my eye, Second Life. The latter, another of Lee's visions looking to bolster the Malaysian film circuit on a feature-length level, has already been filmed and should be ready by the end of March, centered on actor Michael Chin who the plays a rogue agent who wakes up one day with no memory and finds himself on the run with a mysterious briefcase while being guided by an unknown voice following the unsolved murder of another woman.

Actress Charlene Meng and Michael Chen also star from a script by Lee and fight choreography by indie action stunt crew, Low Angle Productions who have since went public late last year with a training reel to whet our appetites which you can view below.

In other news, fans of Sunny Pang can expect to see more of him in the theatrical Malaysian release of Randy Ang's new film, Re: Solve. For more information on Doghouse 73 Pictures, visit the official website and stay tuned for more information as it develops.


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