Michelle Martins And Bryan Sloyer Go Head-To-Head In LBP's Latest Fight Demo

Michelle Alvarado Martins and Bryan Sloyer

Fans and followers of independent action and Film Combat Syndicate readers might remember industry stuntwoman Michelle Alvarado Martins from her previous gig with filmmaker and stunt coordinator Geo Corvera on his first online shortfilm for the new year titled Triumph. Well, this week, Martins continues to expand on her craft, showcasing her screenfighting talents for the first time with independent filmmaker and LBP Stunts Chicago founding member Emmanuel Manzanares and fellow stuntman Bryan Sloyer on a new fight demo now available for viewing on the official LBP Stunts YouTube channel.

Manzanares initially met Martins after working with her husband, fellow stuntman, Anthony Martins on set for the production of the TV show, Chicago Fire just a few weeks ago. As far as first impressions go, he generally described Manzanares as "great", "humble", "very nice" and "..very easy and fun to work with..". He also expressed how impressed he was with Manzanres's ability to film and choreograph fight shorts, also detailing the five hours in which it was shot with no rehearsal, and its editing the same evening. And after seeing the final product Michelle on camera, Anthony was very emphatic in his supportive analysis regarding her progress since choosing stuntwork as a career paths. "I was imprssed with her hands and her feet, and the way she ground pounded and rolled out of some of the sequences." he writes. "She has come a long way in only two years!!! I'm very proud of her, and she deserves it. She works hard!".

Sloyer, a purveyor and student of Filipino Martial Arts now ten months into his professional stunt career, met Michelle back in October of last year, and now offers his services for a second go-around for LBP since last year's fight practice short, The Fixer. Both performers had their own share of positive words for Manzanares, including Sloyer who also spoke to Film Combat Syndicate, explaining what he enjoys most about his profession. "Well, I've always been a 'fighter', in a sense, and so performing it as an art form is better for me rather than through violence," he says. "If I can tell stories using martial arts, stories that matter or personal messages or lessons that I've experienced to an audience through all the Filipino martial arts, I know then I will be happy. I would love to bring a little more Escrima to the screens anyways as well. But for now, performing it is a craft that I love to use to be able to tell a stories.". Sloyer also shared his thoughts on what it has been like for him to create fight action with Manzanares at the helm. "Manny is always fun to work with, simply because he knows what he is doing, and is also quick and efficient with our time. We have some good laughs along the way as well," Sloyer writes. "It was also fun doing something a little rougher with Michelle other than just training for once. She is easy going and learns quick.".

If you missed Michelle Alvarado Martins' previous appearance in Triumph, you can check it out by CLICKING HERE. Anthony Martins also has a few other high-profile feature length and televsion gigs of his own in the works, but he's not counting his chickens before they hatch. Speaking for himself and Michelle, the hunger remains as well as the humility. "Michelle and I feel very fortunate we can make a good living in this crazy business and feel very blessed for any work we get.", he says. "We are always ready and thankful for all and any opportunities that come our way and very blessed to be able to do it together!".

Meanwhile, Sloyer is currently preparing another project with LBP for a March release,  while working to maintain and expand his skillset through training, and his currently tapped for a project with a member of the EMC Monkeys later this Spring.

Check out Martins and Sloyer in the quick clip below, and stay tuned to Film Combat Syndicate for more information.


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