A Mercenary's New Target Could Mean A Conflict Of Interest In The New Trailer For HONOUR

Best known for his written work until recently, filmmaker Shan Khan has been busy breaking the mold in the past couple of years with his latest assassin thriller, Honour, which confronts the controversial issue of honour killings. Actor Paddy Considine takes the lead in this one, and filmgoers who may be familiar with his work, including the 2004 drama, My Summer Of Love, the 2011 Jason Statham actioner Blitz, and roles Edgar Wright's last two Cornetto installments to name a few might look forward to what he brings in his latest 'hit' role.

Honour is produced by Jason Newmark, Nisha Parti and Julia Valentine and joins Considine with actors William Ruane, Aiysha Hart, Nikesh Patel, Ben Bishop and Harvey Virdi reportedly gets its day in the UK on April 4, 2014 before hitting DVD shelves a few weeks thereafter.

Paddy Considine stars in this British thriller in which a young woman's family arrange for her to be honour killed. When British-Pakistani Londoner Mona (Aiysha Hart) decides to run away with her disapproved lover Tanvir (Nikesh Patel), her family are so ashamed by her actions that they hire a bounty hunter (Considine) to track her down and kill her. Aware of the potential consequences of their decision, Mona and Tanvir strive to maintain a low profile. Will Mona be able to evade death while being targeted by her potential killer?


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