UNLUCKY STARS Director Dennis Ruel Thanks Fans With New Footage!

It has been three years since Barrio Brawler co-star, actor, stuntman and multifaceted independent filmmaker Dennis Ruel began his journey into the semi-successfully crowdfunded production and subsequent principal photography of his upcoming feature-length action comedy adventure, Unlucky Stars. And this week, the team behind the long-awaited film has taken to their official Facebook page to officially announce picture lock prior to the final stages of post production before its entry into the film festival circuit later this year.

Described as a homage to old school Hong Kong action comedy classics of the past, the film is a longstanding love letter to martial arts action cinema for a new generation of on-looking fans and aspiring performers. The film stars Ruel along with actor Ken Quitugua and will feature action choreography and performances from a wideranging list of some of today's most prominent rising stars of the martial arts film genre and stunt industry, with many sharing humble backgrounds with teams that have developed over the last decade, including Zero Gravity, The Stunt People, Reel Kick, Montanick Pictures, LBP Stunts Chicago, Martial Club, and many more.

Like many independently-produced labors of love geared toward a specific niche fanbase, Unlucky Stars also aims to set a new high mark for the genre to attain the geniune interest of those willing to help further utilize and enhance the geniune talent the independent film industry has displayed to the public in well-over the last ten-to-fifteen years. LBP Stunts Chicago's own Emmanuel Manzanares who co-stars in the film, shares some of these sentiments and much more in a recent statement to Film Combat Syndicate regarding the importance of fan appreciation in light of the film's long-overdue completion. "Well that's what people need to realize." he says. "When you literally make a movie on your own with your own money and time (and your friends), it's really hard to get it out in a reasonable time unless you actually have the money. But we truly love what we do and we just want to put out a fun product, so we took as long as we did because we knew it would be worth it!".
In addition to picture lock, we now have a brand new, featurette, complete with the iconic theme music of Jackie Chan's 1985 Hong Kong cop actioner, Police Story. The featurette also includes a statement from Ruel, and a montage of film footage replete with old and new content, and behind-the-scenes shots of the cast and crew, including the film's premiere action director, Vlad Rimburg.

Furthermore, as previously reported, fans can expect a new crowdfunder in the weeks and months ahead to help out as much as possible in funding the post-production and subsequent DVD priniting and distribution of the film as we approach the film's official release.

Watch the new featurette below the synopsis of the film and stay tuned for further trailer and release date news, and some more hopeful commentary from some of the cast and crew, AND some surprises to follow!

When Peru's Biggest Action Film Star and Jordan's newest rising talent find themselves pursued by a notorious Bookie, a couple of private investigators are forced to choose between their job and their conscience. 
With martial arts and comedy inspired by the golden era of 80s Hong Kong Action Cinema, Unlucky Stars is an exciting action packed ride that pays homage to the greats who paved the way.


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