THE SMUGGLER Instateases New Footage!

Following the unveiling of five new stills for director R.L. Scott's upcoming action thriller, The Smuggler, a new viral Black And White Instagram teaser was prematurely leaked this week which you can now view below on YouTube, featuring split second glimpses of some of the film's fight action and the grinding pavement as the lead character car, "Justine" revvs up. The film is the latest reunion of Scott and lead actor/executive producer Maurice Whitfield after last year's production of the upcoming action crime drama, Call Me King, which releases later this year.

In The Smuggler, Whitfield stars as Mason Luke, a world class smuggler who gets caught in the middle of a war between two powerful corporations while trying to smuggle a young woman named Alaina, (Alexis Miranda) into the United States. The film also stars actor Sam Puefua, who plays Aleki Sovo, a New Zealandian mercenary hired with the task of killing Alaina, while faced with the conflictions of his own honor code respective to Luke's. Scott is directing the action scenes, as well as producing the film from a screenplay he wrote. Actress and Call Me King co-star Monyque Thompson Scott, actors Kevin Lukata and George Vincent and actress and producer Ryann Graye round out the main cast.

The Smuggler is expected to wrap filming next month in accordance with the launch of the movie's new website where action fans will also be able to catch the official teaser prior to further trailer and release news. In the meantime, check out the instagram teaser footage below and stay tuned for more information.


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