SYNDICATE SHOUTOUTS: Well...This Was A Pleasant Surprise!

J. Cheung a.k.a. Cryptik Soul (left) and Xin Sarith Wuku (right)

Going into my second year as Film Combat Syndicate, I have seldom had the pleasure to meet the very people I write about in-person. My acquaintances and friendships with these individuals are usually long distance, and so Facebook, Twitter, telephone and e-mail have done a lot for me in getting to meet various kinds of people in the past several years.

Long ago before Film Combat Syndicate was born, I got to share a few talks over the phone with independent filmmaker Fernando Huerto as he was pushing his newest shortfilm at the time titled Heart Shot Grand Prix. Then last year as the months followed with my role in Film Combat Syndicate allowing me to interview several stunt professionals, actors and other film professionals, 2013 became another milestone year when I got the chance to meet industry stuntman and screenfighter Anthony Pho one evening back in May when we went to see Will Smith's new film After Earth, which we both enjoyed (for reasons unknown, that video interview I uploaded on Facebook is unavailable. Facebook has some explaining to do!) And then seven months later as New Years' Eve rolled in, I finally got the chance to meet and celebrate the New Year in Brooklyn with independent filmmaker Jon Truei, who I first got to see in Huerto's hilarious fourth test fight installment, Test Fight 4.

I also had the chance to interview hip-hop artist and actor J. Cheung A.K.A. Cryptik Soul last year during his previous run with his martial arts action-themed film and photography group, thr3guys. In recent months, the group disbanded as its members moved on to other areas of the entertainment field. And since our group interview, Cheung and I have gotten along very well as long-distance friends, in addition to his new girlfriend, actress and model Jessie Lam.

To my contining good fortune this weekend on this end, it was through Cheung that I got to shake virtual hands with one of the foremost high profile actors and stuntmen of his field. An original member of the California-based thriving martial arts and independent film troupe, EMC Monkeys, actor Xin Wuku came in my radar many times within the past decade. And it is only just recently after finally being able to friend him on Facebook that I finally got to get a little more closer to the pulse of what EMC is up to as time rolls on, despite how busy its members are.

As such, Wuku, who recently shared the screen with Cheung in director Antony Szeto's 2014 action flick from producer Roger Corman, Fist Of The Dragon, is currently back overseas working on some other things. In the meantime, he also paid a visit to Cheung prior to spending time together over in Hong Kong. And considering how lucky I am at this point, it was only a matter of time before THIS happened (Courtesy of WhatsApp):

I would definitely call this another milestone, wouldn't you agree?

BIG thanks to J. and Xin for acknowledging me this weekend. I look forward to the mischief and mayhem you two will bring this year. Keep me busy fellas! And the same goes to the rest of EMC as well!

Xin Wuku is currently expected to appear in Z-Team founding member Fabien Garcia's feature-length martial arts action-packed debut, The Price Of Success later in the year. Stay tuned for more information!


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