LBP Stunts Chicago Reunites Three Of Its Own For Some KUNG FU FIGHT PRACTICE!

Premier action choreography and screenfighting troupe LBP Stunts Chicago makes a triumphant brief return to the foray with three of its own in a brand new fight Kung Fu practice clip directed by LBP mainstay Emmanuel Manzanares, with performances by LBP members, actors and stunt professionals Brendon Huor and Mickey Facchinello. Both performers have extensive experience in acting and stuntwork, in addition to the two last recently appearing opposite each other in action filmmaker Vlad Rimburg's Donnie Yen-inspired miniseries with Special ID Episode 1: The Mute.

The new clip also marks the first time Facchinello and Huor have worked with Manzanares since collaborating with Thousand Pounds Action Company action coordinator and fellow performer Vonzell Carter for a Samurai Champloo-inspired practice fight back in 2011. "It's always fun to work with them.", he says of Facchinello and Huor. "We all understand each other, so the process is easy. Plus both Brendon and Mickey work really hard at what they do, and it always shows in their performances.".

I also got to talk a little bit with to Huor and Facchinello on Monday about getting back together after so long, addition to some of the respective qualities they view in each other's performance. "It was cool!", Huor writes. "I had just gotten back from Chicago and Mickey had been really wanting to do a fight with me. Just so happened that weekend was open for us, so it was a little hard to find the energy and motivation after traveling so much but I was glad that I did." Huor was also very upbeat when I asked him about Facchinello's qualities as a screenfighter and what makes her such a great professional to work with. "She doesn't panic in the moment, no matter how hard I'm swinging or kicking at her.", he says. "And, she's very knowledgeable about martial arts, so she is able to do the same move different ways, which is so important and helpful. Also, she has really good intensity and energy which makes it easy to be IN the scene with her.".

I have written about Facchinello's work a few times between the blog and the page in the past year or so since I began Film Combat Syndicate, and I was always so eager to talk to her directly and get a dialogue going. So I was very pleased when I got to ask her a few questions in addition to redirecting the ones I asked Huor. To start things off, I asked Facchinello about what inspired her to step into the field of acting and stuntwork. "Well, there's a lot.", she says, before pointing out certain aspects like creative freedom and the general love of performance as two principal reasons behind her inspiration. In speaking for herself and Huor, she tells Film Combat Syndicate, "We both love being able to take a character, a style, an idea, etc.. And making it come to life as best we can. Sometimes we are time-crunched, or we come across things that make it more difficult. Like location issues, weather, etc. but it all just makes us better in the end I suppose.".

On her answer regarding what makes Huor such a great partner to great with, Facchinello reciprocated with her own approval, despite not being able to work much with him. "...To be honest, not trying to 'toot his horn' or anything but he is probably one of the best performers all around (as a whole: being versatile), that I know.", she writes. "He adapts and he learns quickly, not to mention he's trained in a ton already. He's a great teacher, he can act, etc.. Just very talented all around. He is one of my main role-models!".

Look out for more on the way from Manzanares as he continues to put out more creativity in the year ahead. Furthermore, you can also expect to hear more from Manzanares as he and the cast and crew of the upcoming feature-length action comedy, Unlucky Stars, prepare a new crowdfunder for the film's post production, film festival circulation and DVD printing in the year ahead. Theatergoers can also expect to see Facchinello's credits in the upcoming releases of Jupiter Ascending (July 18) and 22 Jumpstreet (June 13). Meamwhile, you can also catch Huor and Manzanres in their upcoming stunt performances in director Neil Burger's sci-fi thriller, Divergent (March 21).

To catch Huor's previous performance in the Vlad Rimburg-directed short, Dragon Lady, CLICK HERE. And for more information on LBP Stunts Chicago, click the appropriate tag below or visit their official website.


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