On Monday night, the official Facebook page for Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist debuted the latest full-frontal look at actor Mike Moh's portrayal of the character, Ryu, which you can check out further below. The new photo comes as fans of the long-running fighting game franchise await for the pending airing of a first trailer of the upcoming chapterized feature-length film later next month.

Produced by Jacqueline Quella, Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist stars Moh along with actor and co-writer/creator/choreographer Christian Howard who plays Ryu's best friend Ken in a story that centers around the troubled origins of the titular martial arts style, as their Master, Gouken struggles with whether or not to pass down the training he received from his master long ago with fellow student, Gouki, or risk his only two pupils witnessing and suffering the same dark legacy as he did. The film is directed by Joey Ansah who also co-wrote/created/choreographed the film in addition to starring as Akuma, the demonic evolution of the character Gouki, played by Gaku Space. Also starring are Akira Koieyama and Shogen Itokazu who play the older and younger phases of Gouken, along with actress Hyunri who plays Sayaka, and actors Togo Igawa who plays Gotetsu/Goma, Hal Yamanouchi as Senzo and Mark Killeen who plays Ken's father, Mr. Masters.

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist is a co-production of Assassin's Fist Limited, along with Lonely Rock Productions, Gloucester Place Films, Evropa Film and Capcom USA. The film currently has received worldwide online acquisitions in several territories as of late last year, with Content Media handling the sales and release dates beginning early this with dates pending.

To read our previous interview with Mike Moh, CLICK HERE, and then stay tuned for more info!


  1. :)
    that's actually badass. he does look like him:)

  2. FINALLY!!! They actually allowed an asian to play an asian hero.


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